Welcome to my website. 2016 marks my twenty seventh year as a full time classical guitar maker and I am pleased to say that continuing orders are keeping me as busy as ever.
Building in the Spanish tradition, I produce instruments which are not only visually striking, but more importantly musically responsive and easy to play.
In 2009 I introduced a couple of new models, homages to Torres and Hauser which have been very successful and well received by players who are looking for more of a traditional sound and feel.
Recently I added a new page, 'The Sound' which features videos of my guitars being played. I plan to add new videos in due course.

I hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any problems or suggestions for anything you would like to see on this site please contact me at simon@ambridgeguitars.co.uk

'A connoisseur's guitar maker, Simon Ambridge crafts one of the most sublime, finest projecting, traditionally braced, musically refined classical guitars in the world today.'


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